John Russell: Up Close

A few closer up shots from ‘John Russell: Australia’s French Impressionist’ exhibit currently on show. I wanted to get a closer look at his brushwork and how he layered and built up his canvases and seeing them up this close was really eye opening and shows how masterful he really was. A bonus shot at the end of a Monet also on exhibit at the show. 

All shot on my trusty iPhone. 

Wild Bill

I’ve been watching an awful lot of ‘Mountain Monsters’ lately, so of course I had to have a crack at drawing one of them. I present, Wild Bill!

Australia’s French Impressionist: Shot on iPhone

Currently on show at the Art Gallery of NSW is ‘John Russell: Australia’s French Impressionist’ featuring over 120 works by John Russell, Australia’s French impressionist. I’d not been familiar with Russell’s work until a few months ago, he’d simply not been anyone I’d encountered before. And after seeing this exhibition it seems a great many people haven’t heard of him, or only heard about him in passing. Despite being friends with contemporaries like Rodin and Tom Roberts, working with Monet and Matisse he’d largely gone unnoticed in France and his homeland, Australia. Which is a real shame his work is inspiring to say the least, vibrant and bold I loved this exhibition and spent a morning going through the rooms immersing myself in it.

The sculptures of Russell’s wife by Rodin where a very nice surprise and a real treat to see in person, up close. As was the Monet, on loan, being able to stand in front of it was a real thrill. Well worth seeing if you can. 

As usual, I was armed with my trusty iPhone and captured what I could.  


A small crop of a larger Deadpool piece I just completed. I liked how the textures all worked together on this one. 

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